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Magnus Carlsen; Claus Gamborg
Magnus Carlsen signing one of my chess books in London year 2013 when he won the Candidate Tournament.

Carlsen won his first  World Chess Championship later that year against Viswanathan Anand



I’m from Denmark with a past as Finance Manager in Banks, Business Colleges and International Companies among this European Controller in a Parent Company in UK with Subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and USA. Education goes from Bodyguard to MBA; The Effective Manager at Open University in LondonOn the first MBA Team in Denmark. Trained by the Finance Ministry in Denmark and IBM in Management.

When I’m not working with chess or play chess I Train Fitness, Kick Box, make Music, Draw or Paint among things.


I like to travel too

Claus Gamborg 2016

Claus Gamborg; Nov. 2015


Face to face you might be able to beat me. However online chess is a different story. No disturbance. I play mostly on lichess and Correspondence Games. Rating around 2000 could be better but don’t have time. I’m not a Grand Master but a Web Master here to give you the option to improve your chess.

Primary Mission: Access to all known and Recognized Chess Openings (for now here is 1.500 more Openings than other places on the internet) with option to Learn, Train in Opening Trainer, Make your own Opening Repertoire, Continue to Play a Game Rated at different levels based on one of the known Openings (Or your own), Save your Game by Download to your Computer and Open the Game in your favorite Chess Program. Make your own Database with your favorite Openings and Games. Make an Analysis with Evaluation of your own Played Openings (Import your Game in the Analysis Program). Access Approx. 10 million Games to study with an in depth analysis of 500.000 Games broken down for each Main Opening with Variances. Play Theme based Games Live (Not available. Needs to be developed. Anyone who can help with programming ?). Secondary: Fundamental Tactics and Access to more than 10 millions of Tactics in the Middle Game. Finally Tools to become a Master in the End Game. 

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