B00 Nimzowitsch Defence Variances


When the horse turns the chess boards will be loaded and starts playing the games

Take a chip of your coffee while you wait - Tip field e7 will flip the board

Functions in Chess Board

B00 Barnes Defence

B00 Borg Defence

B00 Borg Defence: Borg Gambit

B00 Borg Defence: Langhorst Gambit

B00 Borg Defence: Troon Gambit

B00 Borg Opening: Zilbermints Gambit

B00 Caro-Kann Defence: Hillbilly Attack

B00 Carr Defence

B00 Carr Defence: Zilbermints Gambit

B00 Duras Gambit

B00 Fried fox Defence

B00 Goldsmith Defence

B00 Goldsmith Defence: Picklepuss Defence

B00 Guatemala Defence

B00 Hippopotamus Defence