Basic Checkmate Patterns


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The Examples have been simplified. Positions in Games can be more complex. However the patterns are the same.

1. Anastasia mate

Black is an officer down. However it’s blacks move!

What would you do ?

Right ? Queen Gambit 1 .. Qxh2+ 2. KxQh2 Rook to h6+ White can put Queen in between but cannot avoid checkmate!

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2. Arabian mate

The situation is about equal but instead of check black makes the fatal move cxd6

White to move

Whites next move is a check with Rook

Then comes the Knight flying +

Mate with Rook b8#

If blacks king move the other way (Ka5 ..Ka4) it’s mate with Rook on a6!

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3. Back Rank Mate

A classical mate. King is stuck behind it’s own pawns.

White is way ahead in material but overlooks a back rank mate after Nxf8

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4. Blackburne mate

Blacks turn to move and his pawn is forced to take Qh5 otherwise it’s mate with Qh7.

After Pawn takes Queen on h5 black get a check with whites Knight on h6

The King can’t move due to whites Bishop (b2) on the long diagonal, so black takes with the Knight but also opens for whites Bishop!

White moves Bishop to h7 and it’s check and mate.

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5. Boden mate

This is a mate where the King get caught up in cross fire from the Bishops.

White to move

White makes a mate threat on the field b7 and sacrifies the Queen otherwise it’s mate for black

After black takes Queen then whites Bishop can move in and finish the job on a6, checkmate!

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6. Damiano’s Bishop mate

A well known mate. Mate with Queen backed up by Bishop.

Black to move

First check with Queen on h2

Only one place to move and mate comes on f2 in next move

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7. Damiano’s mate

White ready to checkmate black (Qf7+ .. Qf8 mate). What would you do ?

Rook h1+ and King takes Rook

Black make a new check with Queen h4+ King to g1.

And yes check and mate with Qh2. Blacks pawn covers f2, so the King is dead. Cool play.

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8. Double Bishop mate

This is Bishops mate on the diagonal.

White to move

First, white sacrifies the Queen with a check.

After pawn have taken the Queen the Bishop check mate on d5# (Rook will go as well).

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9. Dovetail mate

White cover the field b4 with Rook and that is good.

Black to move

White want to help and cover Knight on d8 but that is fatal. Queen checkmate on b4#

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10. Dovetail Bishop

The Bishop on d4 is placed well.

Black Bishop take Knight on g5 but opens for a checkmate

Queen moves in e8# No way out for blacks King

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11. Escalator mate

Blacks Queen ready to mate but have to work around a bit first.

Black to move

Queen f3+

King d2 .. Queen d1+

King e3 and Queen checkmate on e2#

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12. Epaulette mate

Kings own pieces makes the escape impossible.

White to move

Pawn take Rook a4 but Queen c3# No where to go.

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13. Grecos mate

White can win the Knight on g4 with his pawn on h3.

White to move

But the price is high. Queen now check mates King on h4#

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14. Hooks mate

King get a check on d7 with Rook.

White to move

King moves to h8 and get a new check by Rook on d8+

After King moves back to g7 it’s mate with Rook on g8#

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15. Kill Box

Simply the situation where the King get stuck in a box. Black have several threats. Black can move the Knight to e4 but then the Queen is lost. For the example of the kill box mate Black moves the Queen.

Qxb2 but after Rook e1 takes Rook e8 there is no room for the King and it’s ‘box’ check and mate

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16. Lawnmower mate

This is the situation where the King get dragged a long the line and then meets a corridor mate.

Black to move


King c2 new Check Rb2+

King c1 or like here d1 .. Qa1#

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17. Lolli mate

King get stuck in the corner.

White to move

Queen maneuver around and check on h6.

Queen Checkmate on g7#

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18. Morphy’s mate

Black to move and ready for a discover Attack.

Black to move

Rxg3 and Bishop checks King by a discover check

Not much white can do and it’s check mate after white moves Rook to e4 .. Bxe4#

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19. Opera mate

Rook and Bishop can mate alone.

White to move.


However after King takes Queen comes the Rook and make a checkmate Re8#

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20. Pawn mate

Blacks King is out svimming and Attacked.

White to move

White just moves his pawn to f4 and it’s checkmate

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21. Pillsbury mate

White get ready to Attack.

Black to move

Double check with Rook g8 and Bishop also check King h8, so King have to take Rook g8

Rook moves to the open linie and g1#

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22. Railroad mate

White got a check with Re4+

Black to move

King moves to d3 and the ‘railroad’ starts. King can only move on rank 3 ..Qe2+

New check Rc4+


Black checkmate with Rook on a4 and it’s a ‘Box mate’.

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23. Smother mate

Black needs to sacrify Queen .. Qg1+ but mate with Knight

Black to move

After white Rook takes Qg1 there is no room for the King to escape

Black checkmates with Knight on f2#

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24. Suffocation mate

Another Knight mate where the King gets suffocated by own pieces.

Black to move

White checks with Qg3 and black moves Bishop in between on g7

Now white can checkmate with Knight taking the Queen on e7# due to the White Bishop cover the field h7. Queen g7# is also obvious. Just for the example.

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Another Example from one of my Games

White to move

Make the Trap .. Knight f6. Threat on Rook g8. Why not take it with the Pawn ? Rook g8 is covered by the other Rook.

The only problem is Checkmate Rh6#

25. Swallow’s Tail mate

Black get a check with whites Knight e5+

White to move

It really doesn’t matter what square blacks King moves to it’s still checkmate with Qf7# (or Qg4# if King moved to h5)

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26. Triangle

Black get a check with whites Queen h4 and King is caught in the triangle.

Black to move

Black can delay the checkmate by putting Rook to g5 but Qxg5#

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27. Vukovics mate

A good collab with Knight, Pawn and Rook.

Black to move

Rook g2+ if King goes to h1 it’s checkmate

Knight makes a strategic check on e3

Next move is Rook e2+ and it’s checkmate due to Knight cover the fields d1 and f1

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28. Threat mate

It can cost an expensive piece to avoid checkmate.

Black to move

Knight to e3 and threat is a checkmate with Queen g2

To avoid checkmate white is forced to take Knight on e3

And Queen goes.

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