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All Recognized Chess Openings

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5. Practice the Main Openings Rated

Learn and Play the 500 Main Openings Rated

6. Eco Code System Explained

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO)

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The 500 Eco Codes

8. Type of Play

Common Openings to Super Attack

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14. Opening Games Rated above 2200 to 30. June 2017

Up to 1.000 Games for each of the 500 Main Openings

15. Old Games from Year 1560 to Year 2012 for each of the 500 Main Openings

Up to 1.000 Games for each of the 500 Main Openings: All Ratings

16. Openings Played on Chess Boards in Alphabetical Order

17. Opening Explorer

18. The 20 Most Played Openings

Statistic Proven from Year 1475 to 30. June 2017

19. Chess Type

Type of Play and Common Openings

20. Opening Traps

21. Common Grand Master Openings

Preferred Openings by the Top 20 Chess Players in history

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24. Books on Chess Openings

Read Books about the Opening in General and Specific Openings