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Steinitz 1834: 1900

1st World Champion, 1886: 1894


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235 White wins

157 Black wins

Wilhelm Steinitz was born in Prague, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). He learned to play chess at the age of 12 but his interest in chess developed while studying in Vienna. It was at this time that the great chess player, Morphy’s exploits hit the headlines and there was a great revival in people’s interest in the game. As an impoverished student, Steinitz saw chess as a chance of making money playing in the Viennese coffee-houses. By the age of 26 he was a champion of Vienna and a professional chess player.


Lasker 1868: 1941

2nd World Champion, 1894: 1921

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190 White wins

131 Black wins


Emanuel Lasker was born in Berlinchen, Germany on 24th December, 1868. He was taught chess by his elder brother, Berthold. As a child Lasker displayed a talent for both chess and mathematics. He attended a school in Berlin to develop his mathematical skills further and he later went on to study mathematics at Erlangen University. He achieved the German master title in 1889.


Capablanca 1888: 1942

3rd World Champion, 1921: 1927

Chess Games in Package or Download

141 White wins

192 Black wins


Jose Raul Capablanca was born in Havana, Cuba on the 19th of November 1888. He learned chess at the age of four by watching his father play and in 1901, at the age of 12, he beat Juan Corzo, the Cuban champion. Capablanca was regarded as the most naturally talented chess player anyone had ever seen. He was educated in America, studied engineering at Columbia University and spent much of his free time playing masters at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York City, where he achieved a sensational win in a match against US Champion Frank Marshall crushing him by 8 wins to 1 with 14 draws in 1909 when he was 20 years old. Frank Marshall had unsuccessfully played Lasker in a World Championship match only two years earlier.


Alekhine 1892: 1946

4th World Champion, 1927: 1935, 1937: 1946

Chess Games in Package or Download

300 White wins

257 Black wins


Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine was born in Moscow, Russia in 1892. He was the son of aristocratic parents. His mother taught him to play chess and he soon developed a great passion for the game. He gained the title of master at St Petersburg in 1909.


Euwe 1901: 1981

5th World Champion, 1935: 1937

Chess Games in Package or Download

493 White wins

371 Black wins


Max Euwe was born in Watergrafsmeer, The Netherlands in 1901. Both of Euwe’s parents played chess and he grew up with the game. He was a professor of mathematics and mechanics and chess took second place to his professional life. He remained an amateur throughout his chess playing career. He held the World Championship title between 1935 and 1937 after defeating Alekhine. After his academic retirement he was president of FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Echecs) from 1970 to 1978 and arbitrated over the turbulent Fischer: Spassky World Championship match in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972.


Botvinnik 1911: 1995

6th World Champion 1948: 1957, 1958: 1960, 1961: 1963

Chess Games in Package or Download

346 White wins

267 Black wins


Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik was born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1911. He learned to play chess at the age of 12. An electrical engineer by training, he was the first Russian to hold the World Championship title after he won the 1948 tournament following the death of Alexander Alekhine. He held on to the world title until his defeat by Petrosian in 1963, except for two occasions when he lost the title for one year, to Smyslov (1957: 1958) and Tal (1960: 1961). Botvinnik was very serious about chess and never played for fun.

Smyslov 1921: 2010

7th World Champion, 1957: 1958

Chess Games in Package or Download

643 White wins

370 Black wins by Smyslov


Vasily Vasilyevich Smyslov (24 March 1921 – 27 March 2010) was a Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster, and was World Chess Champion from 1957 to 1958. He was a Candidate for the World Chess Championship on eight occasions (1948, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959, 1965, 1983, and 1985). Smyslov twice tied for first at the Soviet Championship (1949, 1955), and his total of 17 Chess Olympiad medals won is an all-time record. In five European Team Championships, Smyslov won ten gold medals.

Mikhail Tal 1936: 1992

8th World Champion, 1960: 1961

Chess Games in Package or Download

813 White wins

529 Black wins


Mikhail Nekhemievich Tal was born in Riga, Latvia in 1936. His father was a physician and the young Tal became interested in chess when he saw the game played in his father’s waiting room. However, it was not until he was in his teens that he began to study the game seriously. Tal soon became obsessed with the game and played as often as he could. He could even be seen playing a game or two of blitz chess between rounds at tournaments.

He defeated Mikhail Botvinnik in 1960 at the age of 24 to become the youngest grandmaster to hold the world champion title until then.

Tal was an Attacking genius at the board. His Attacks often looked like sheer madness but later analysis would show that his intuition had been correct. Botvinnik is quoted as having said, ” I was surprised by his ability to figure out complex variations. Then the way he sets out the game: he was not interested in the objectivity of the position, whether it’s better or worse, he only needed room for his pieces. All you do then is figure out variations which are extremely difficult. He was tactically outplaying me and I made mistakes.”

Petrosian 1929: 1984

9th World Champion, 1963: 1969

Chess Games in Package or Download

581 White wins

330 Black wins


Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian was born in 1929 in Tbilisi, Georgia of Armenian parents. His parents died before he was 16 and he found consolation in chess. He was greatly influenced by Nimzovitch’s theories and his play was deeply prophylactic, preventing any plans his opponents might come up with.  He enjoyed slowly improving the position of his pieces and closed positions where he could quietly fight for the control of key squares. His style of play made his games less accessible to anyone other than masters and this made him one of the least popular of the World Champions. He defeated Mikhail Botvinnik in 1963 to become World Champion and lost his title to Boris Spassky in 1969.

Spassky 1937:

10th World Champion, 1969: 1972

Chess Games in Package or Download

493 White wins

301 Black wins


Boris Vasilievich Spassky was born in 1937 in Leningrad, Russia. He learned chess as a youngster in the Urals where he lived during the Second World War.  He became international master in 1953, and junior world champion in 1955 and received his grandmaster title in the same year. He won the World Championship against Tigran Petrosian in 1969 and became one of the most popular of all champions with his naturally polite, friendly disposition.

Fischer 1943: 2008

11th World Champion, 1972: 1975

Chess Games in Package or Download

354 White wins

255 Black wins


Robert James (Bobby) Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. He was born in Chicago, USA in 1943 and brought up in Brooklyn where his mother moved after she was divorced in 1945. He learned to play chess at the age of 6 and soon became deeply absorbed in the game saying “All I want to do, ever, is play chess.” At the age of 13 he became the youngest national junior chess champion in the USA and at the age of 14 he became the youngest senior US Champion. In 1958, at the age of 15, he became the youngest Grandmaster in the history of chess.

He broke the Soviet domination of the World Championship when he became the first American to win the title by defeating Boris Spassky of the USSR in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972. In 1975 FIDE refused to meet Fischer’s conditions for a World Championship match with the Soviet Anatoly Karpov and Fischer refused to play. Consequently FIDE awarded the title of World Champion to Karpov. After this dispute Fischer vanished from public eye for twenty years and moved to Europe.

Karpov 1951:

12th World Champion, 1975: 1985,  FIDE Champion 1993

Chess Games in Package or Download

385 White wins

167 Black wins


Anatoly Evgenievich Karpov was born in Zlatoust, Russia in 1951. He was taught the moves of chess when he was 4. At the age of 15 he became one of the youngest Soviet players ever to gain the title of National Master. In April 1975, a few days before his 24th birthday FIDE declared him the World Champion after Bobby Fischer, the current World Champion, refused to defend his title. Karpov was embarrassed that he had acquired the title in this manner and subsequently played in many strong tournaments to prove that he deserved to be World Champion. He performed impressively and accumulated the finest tournament record in  history. He once said, “To be champion requires more than simply being a strong player: one has to be a strong human being as well.” He retained his title until losing to Garry Kasparov in a controversial match in 1985.


Kasparov 1963:

13th World Champion, 1985: 1993, PCA Champion, 1993

Chess Games in Package or Download

689 White wins

402 Black wins


Garry Kimovich Kasparov was born Gary Weinstein in Baku, Azerbaijan, USSR in 1963. Kasparov learned to play chess from his father who later died in a road accident when he was 7 years old. He subsequently changed his name to Kasparov, a Russified version of his mother’s maiden name, Kasparyan. Kasparov’s chess talent was apparent at an early age. In 1973 he attended the Botvinnik Chess School and Kasparov continued to make rapid progress. In 1975 at the age of 12 he became the youngest ever player to win the USSR Junior Championship. At 16 he won the World Junior Championship. He achieved the title of Grandmaster on his 17th birthday

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