Functions in Chess Board

1. Click on the field e7 to Flip the Board. When you move you curser over a field it will show the square name.

2. Click on the field c8 and you can copy the Notation (Pgn). Use it to import and play Rated Games etc. 

You can as well copy the notation straight into your chess program. Only a few people know this option. It goes for all chess notations on this website and others too.

3. Click on the field b8 shows the FEN string for the position. 

4. Start + (Stop=) Autoplay: Click on the field b2 or + under chess board. Click on field e2 and delay time will add 5 seconds.

5. Click on the field e8 for further help.



 Example: Try the Functions 

Caro-Kann Defence: Panov Attack, Fianchetto Defence

Click field c8 in the Chess Tables

Copy and Import notation into the ‘Box’ and continue to Play the Opening Rated