Opening Traps Videos

Chess Opening Trap #1

Sicilian Defence: the old Siberian Trap!: Smith-Morra Trap

Chess Opening Traps #2

Elephant Trap in the Queens Gambit Declined: Opening Trap

Chess Opening Trap #3

The Fishing Pole Opening Trap: Berlin Defence and Tango

Chess Trap #4

Lasker Opening Trap in the Albin Counter-Gambit

Chess Traps #5

Halosar Opening Trap: Blackmar diemar Gambit

Chess Traps #6

Monticelli Opening Trap: Bogo-Indian Opening Trap

Chess Traps #7

Budapest Gambit Opening

Chess Traps #8

Kieninger Opening Trap in the Budapest Gambit

Chess Traps #9

Blackburne Shilling Gambit

Chess Traps #10

Reti Opening Trap

Chess Traps #11

Bobby Fischer’s Sicilian Defence Trap

Chess Traps #12

Queens Gambit Accepted Traps

A Strong Opening by White and a good instructive analysis of the game

Bobby Fischer vs Bent Larsen

Here’s the Game