Clean Chess

Termination of website as at 31. July 2021

Revenues from members doesn't match the yearly expenses with Hosting, Pro services like Cloudflare Security, Paid Software Integrations etc.

We have had a yearly deficit since the start of the website in year 2014.

It's been quite some work both to develop the website and maintain it but we hope you enjoyed it as long as it lasted. Members who signed up after 1. August 2020 can request a refund of 20 USD according to our Terms & Conditions. e-mail: [email protected]

Members can still login to 31. July 2021. The 1'st of August 2021 all members will be removed as the website will be terminated in August.

Thanks for your interest and good luck with your chess.

Founder&Developer of Clean Chess, Claus Gamborg 17. March 2021

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