Quick Manual to Arena Chess Program


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First you need to install the enclosed chess engine after unzipping the package.

Install StockFish

Hint: Flip board = F12

The Chess Engine is Updated 4. September 2016 to Stockfish 7 with rating 3400+. You can install the Chess Engine you prefer.

You are now ready to go.

Start with adjust the Strength of the chess engine to your appropriate level

Engine Management (F11)

Adjust Strength of Chess Engine

Play in manual mode or with chess engine calculations

Manual Game or Engine Game

Try play an opening: Copy Game

After you have copied a Pgn line from cleanchess.com go to Arena

Play opening (Pgn) in Arena

Setup a position manual or get FEN string from cleanchess.com. Click B8 on a chess board and you’ll get the FEN String (PGN = D8).

Now you can go to Arena and inset the FEN String

Play position (Fen) in Arena

Load Superbook or make your own opening book with your favorite openings

Make opening book with Your Opening Repertoire

Blindfold Chess. Learn the fields on the board and remember positions. It will improve your chess.

Blindfold Chess Instruction-1

Blindfold Chess Instruction-2

 Download the Chess Program

Have Fun and Good Luck with your chess!

All the best

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