Train TE15 ♔♕ vs ♔ ♙

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FEN String: 8/8/K7/8/8/8/4kpQ1/8 w - - 0 1

The Black Pawn is about to promote (cannot now due to check). Can White stop it and win the game? If the queen has to be sacrificed to stop the pawn promotion, it will be a draw due to insufficient material. White King needs to come and help. Every time the pawn is unable to move, the White King may come one step closer. There are several ways Black can make mistakes and they will have to be taken advantage of with the result of a mate.
If the King can keep on running around the pawn it will be a draw!
  • Press F11 to load the next Game. Click arrow circle under board to flip board. You can see who to move on color at right corner of Table at bottom. On mobile press Games to select next.
  • Move Pieces on the Board to make your own analysis. Turn on Chess Engine to get best move suggestion and finish the Game to learn more about End Games.