End Game Courses

How to Master the End Game

Practice with the Build in Computer. You get 8 Courses with a total of 95 Chapters. Do it Systematically.

1 Day per Chapter and Repeat to remember and understand. 3 – 6 months intensive training and it will take a Chess Master to beat you in the End Game. Good luck#

Advantage of the Exchange Click-Here-B-WebWhen it’s Wise to Exchange Pieces

Bishop and Pawn Endings Click-Here-B-WebBishop Endnings with up to 4 Pawns

Bishop(s) vs. Knight(s) Click-Here-B-WebBishop and Knight with Pawns

Knight and Pawn Endings Click-Here-B-WebKnights with Pawns and Two Knights with Pawns

Pawn Endings Click-Here-B-WebPawn Endings up to 4 Pawns

Queen Endings Click-Here-B-Web26 Chapters with the Queen in the End Game

Rook and Minor Pieces Click-Here-B-WebRook Play with Officers and Pawns in the End Game

Rook and Pawn Endings Click-Here-B-WebOne or Two Rooks with Pawns